Tiered Workflow

What is Tiered Workflow?

Tiered Workflow is an automated process that links an event's tasks together so that they are completed in a pre-determined order. When Tiered Workflow is enabled, all of an event's tasks are grouped into "tiers," and only once all tasks within a tier are completed (assigned, approved, etc.) will the system move on to the next tier. Tasks are still built upon event creation but lower-tier tasks remain "pending" until any higher-tier "active" tasks are completed.

Enabling Tiered Workflow

25Live’s System Settings includes a section to enable Tiered Workflow.

1. Open Tiered Workflow From the System Settings

More menu in the top navigation barImage: The More menu in the top navigation bar has a link to the System Settings view.

After logging into 25Live as an administrator or user with permissions to access System Settings, open the More menu in the top navigation bar.

System settings is located under the More menuImage: The System Settings link is in the More menu.

Use the menu link to go to the System Settings view, then continue to the Workflow Settings section using the link in the top row.

2. Toggle Tiered Workflow On

Image: Toggle the Use Tiered Workflow setting to Yes to turn on this setting.

Under Workflow Settings, review the information about this type of workflow and set the Use Tiered Workflow toggle to Yes. Don't forget to Save.


The four tier groups run in the following order:

Notification Policy Tasks → Location Approvals → Resource Approvals → Other Tasks 

More specifically, individual tasks are completed in this order:
Event Type Notification Policy tasks, Organization Notification Policy tasks, Location Assignment Policy tasks, Location Notification Policy tasks, Resource Assignment Policy tasks, Resource Notification Policy tasks, Event Requirement Notification Policy tasks

Rather than a tier only opening when all tasks are "Approved" or "Assigned," tasks that are "Pending" simply due to the previous tier containing a denied task will become actionable. Pending tasks that never became actionable will not display in search results. Notifications in 25Live will let you know when a task is completed and is the last task in a tier.

To ensure task tiers appropriately open when expected, the next tier will open once all tasks in the current tier are completed.


FYI—or "Notify Only"—tasks and To Do tasks exist outside of the Tiered Workflow and will not block other tasks.


The Tasks tab features a progress bar at the top of the view that shows which levels have been completed. To view individual task details, toggle the arrow at the top-right of each tier.

In this example, we can see that the tasks from the first tier (Notification Policy) are active and can be acted on, while tasks in the Location Approvals tier are inactive (pending), with no available actions. 

Event Types and organization approvals in progress.Image: Example of tiers.

Tip: Pending

Clicking the "Pending" link on a task will open a modal that tells you which task types are blocking the pending task, as well as the list of users assigned to the pending task.

List of blocked task types and pending task assignees

In this example, Event Type and Organization Approvals have been completed, so now the Location Assignments and Approvals tier is active.

Event types and organization approvals completed. Location assignments and approvals in progress..

Warnings & Recommendations

Before enabling Tiered Workflow, consider the following:

  • Turning on Tiered Workflow will impact existing tasks.
  • Bulk editing tasks—such as approving location assignments—will override workflow tiers.
  • Reviewing all of your “Approval Required” notification policies for organizations and event types before enabling Tiered Workflow is recommended. 
    • Any incomplete notification policy will block Assignment Policy tasks from being approved.
  • Turning off Tiered Workflow will revert your instance back to the standard format. You can toggle Tiered Workflow back and forth as needed without negative impact.