The Data You Can Import in Series25

A separate Excel spreadsheet template is provided for each kind of data you can import via the Data Import Tool. Each spreadsheet comprises multiple worksheets.

For example, the Location template comprises six worksheets, the five to the left for master definitions and the “Locations” worksheet for submitting locations.

Data ColumnsImage: Example of tabs in spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Templates

The spreadsheet template for...Provides these worksheets...To be imported to 25Live...

PartitionsLocation Partitions Master Definition
Location LayoutsLocation Layouts Master Definition
Location FeaturesLocation Features Master Definition
Location CategoriesLocation Categories Master Definition
Location Custom AttributesLocation Custom Attributes Master Definition
Locations—including location name, formal name, partition, maximum capacity, fill ratio, categories, features (with quantity), layouts (with capacity), default layout, relationships to other locations, and custom attributesLocations
OrganizationOrganization Custom AttributesOrganization Custom Attributes Master Definition
Organization TypesOrganization Types Master Definition
Organization CategoriesOrganization Categories Master Definition

Organizations—including name, title (formal name), account number, type, category, Schedule25 Optimizer (S25) name, and custom attributes

To upload partition preferences on organizations, see the Preferences sheet below


Security GroupsSecurity Groups list
Contact Custom AttributesContact Custom Attributes Master Definition
Contact RolesContact Roles Master Definition
Contacts—including their full name, internal ID, title, address, phone, fax; contact role by organization; and custom attributesContacts
25Live Users25Live Users

Resource Custom AttributesResource Custom Attributes Master Definition
Resource CategoriesResource Categories Master Definition

Resources—including their name, categories, stock levels (with start/end dates), and custom attributes

PreferencesPartitionsLocation Partitions Master Definition (same as the Location worksheet)
PreferencesOrganization Partition Preferences (for use with Schedule25 Optimizer)

For more information about the location, organization, contact, and resource data included in the tables above, see the 25Live help topics.