Editing Ownership of Events

Every event in 25Live has an owner. By default, the owner of the event is the first person to save it using the Tentative or Confirmed Event State.

Tip: Requesters and Ownership

A requestor who creates and submits a Draft event will not be the owner by default. The first 25Live user (usually a scheduler) who changes the Event State from Draft to Tentative or Confirmed is the owner.

Being the owner of an event gives you special permissions. As the owner, you can edit the event regardless of your user's security permissions. As an administrator or user with appropriate permissions, this feature can be useful when selectively controlling editing permissions to allow event requestors to still be able to edit their event until the event is approved/confirmed.

Setting Up: Required Security Permissions

After confirmation, schedulers and/or administrators may wish to prevent requestors from further editing an event. So, they need permissions that will allow them to assign or take ownership.

Link in GroupsImage: Select the group(s) to grant permissions to, then Configure and Security.

In the Series25 Group Administration tool, select the group(s) you want to grant permissions to in the main view. Use the Configure… button to select Security.

In the Configure Security… view, make sure the following setting is toggled to Yes:

  • Administrative Options: 8.0 Set Event Object Security

Image: To grant permissions for some events, you may need to edit Object Level Security for the event in Group Administration.

In some instances, you may also need to grant full Object Level Security permissions for the event in Group Administration. 

  • In Group Administration, select the group(s) and click Configure... Event Security
  • Locate and select the event
  • Set the Object Security to Edit, Delete, Copy
  • Save

How To Edit Ownership of an Event

1. Find and/or Use the Link to Access the Event

Use the Search to find the event you want to edit ownership of, then tap or click the link to view the Event Details.

2. Open the More Actions Display

More Actions linkImage: Open the More Actions display by tapping or clicking on the expansion link.

Use the More Actions link to expand all of the options available for the event.

3. Use the Edit Ownership Link

Take Ownership linkImage: Use the Edit Ownership link in the More Actions display.

The Edit Ownership link in the options will open an expanded display with options to:

Image: The Edit Ownership link expands for additional options.

  • Search for and select a contact, then use the Assign Owner button to grant ownership to the contact
  • Use the Take Ownership button to change the event owner to your contact with editing rights