System Defaults

25Live allows you to configure a number of system defaults for the application.

Getting to the General Settings

Image: The More menu location and System Settings link.Image: The System Settings are in the 25Live More menu.

The System Settings section is accessible from the More menu in the top navigation bar.

Use the menu link to go to the General Settings section.

System Settings General Settings sectionImage: The settings are in the General Settings section of the System Settings.

Use the System Defaults link in the left-side menu to view the section.

How to Customize System Defaults

System defaults in system settingsImage: Use these options to configure the experience across the application for all users.

1. Select if Sign In is Required

When Required is selected, this setting sends all 25Live users directly to the sign-in prompt, and no guest or viewer seat user can browse this 25Live instance. If your institution is using Single-Sign On authentication, additional technical adjustments are required. Contact your Series25 Account Manager for assistance (

2. Optionally Add a Sign In Message

This sets the message displayed in the 25Live user sign-in window.

3. Set the Public Search Username

This is for the contact username of a 25Live user whose searches are automatically made available to all 25Live users. Be sure this user’s security setup is appropriate for creating the searches you want to make public.

4. Optionally Add a Header Logo Link

The 25Live logo (or your institution's logo, if customized in the Configure Theme section), can be linked to a URL. Type a valid URL in this field.

5. Select the Event Display Field Option

This option controls if the event name or event title is used for primary event identification in 25Live. If you choose the event title and an event has no title, the event name will be used.

6. Save Your Selections

Use the Save button to save your choices. The Cancel button will remove unsaved changes.