Sharing X25 Analytics Reports

X25 Analytics reports are powerful tools for interpreting your data, and they can be shared with anyone, even people who aren't Series25 users! This is a useful way to send data to a colleague or administrator who is unfamiliar with X25.

Shared reports are available in two ways:

  • A publicly accessible URL (no password required)
  • A high-resolution image file

Creating a Public Link to Share an Interactive Report

1. Choose a Report to View in X25 Analytics

2. Select a Snapshot Filter if Desired

3. Click Share Report

Click Share Report next to the report's name to view a list of all the public report links that have been generated in X25.

4. Click the Generate Public Link Button

This adds a link for the current report to the list and automatically copies it to your clipboard.

This link can be shared in email, chat, or any method you prefer. Anyone who enters the URL into their browser will see a version of this report using the snapshot and filter settings you previously selected. They will be able to edit the report settings but not view or change anything else in X25.

Screenshot of the Share to Story window, including a list of public URLs for reportsImage: Reports in X25 Analytics can be shared via public URLs.

Deleting a Shared Report

If a shared report no longer serves a purpose, you can remove it from the list of public URLs and it will no longer be accessible.

1. Use the Share Report Button 

Use the Share Report button ext to a report's name to view the list of all public report URLs.

2. Click the X

Click the X next to a specific link to remove it from the list. It will no longer be a valid URL for anyone to use.

Generating a Static Image

Reports can also be shared as a high-resolution jpeg image. This is useful for slideshow presentations and printed reports.

1. Choose a Report to View

Configure all desired settings to your liking.

2. Click Generate Image

Click the Generate Image button in the top right to open the image preview window.

3. Select the Desired Image Quality and Resolution

Rename the image if desired.

4. Click Download

Video Demo