Settings and Report Bindings in Eval25

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Bindings are used to control whether a report can or cannot be applied to a course. Reports need at least one binding. 

Bind a Report to a Course

1. Navigate to Your Custom Report

2. Configure Your Binding Settings

  • Select the Settings tab.
    Custom report settingsImage: Custom Reports Settings tab
  • Click the Add Binding button to display the filter categories.
    Add bindings windowImage: Add Binding form

  • Use the dropdown box to select a school or All schools.
  • If available, use the dropdown boxes to select a department, subject, and number to bind to the report.
    • You can select All in the categories available (All Schools, All Course Types, All Mean Codes, and so on) to set the bindings as Institution Wide.
    • To narrow the scope of the bindings specify the School, Department, Course Type, Location, and so on. The available options are dictated by what is sent in the data file.
    • The relationship between bindings is an 'OR' relationship, so if one binding is 'institution wide', the report is applied to all courses regardless of other bindings.

3. (Optional) Narrow the Scope of the Bindings

  • Click View Filters, and select any additional bindings.
  • Click Save binding. The binding(s) will display with an overview of what the binding is.
  • To add another binding, click Add binding and repeat the steps above.

4. Tap Save