Setting Up the Viewer Seat Environment

After setting up functional and object security as described in Setting Up Security For the Viewer Seat, the next tasks should be performed by an experienced 25Live user signed in as the Viewer Seat. These tasks determine how the non-signed-in Viewer sees date/time information in 25Live and what their "starred" objects are. The tasks include:

  • Setting date/time preferences of the Viewer Seat
  • Starring events, locations, and other objects for the Viewer Dashboard

To Set the Date/Time Preferences of the Viewer Seat

These Viewer Seat preferences control how the Viewer, and any “view only” user, sees dates/times in 25Live. Default values for all users are initialized in the 25Live System Settings > General Settings > User Defaults. To change the defaults, you edit the Viewer Seat user’s Date/Time Preferences to set the default date/time format and time zone, as well as the default time span for Availability grid views of locations and resources in 25Live.

  1. Sign in to 25Live as the Viewer Seat user.
  2. Open the Preferences area of the More menu, then choose Date/Time Preferences to open the Date/Time Preferences window.

    Date time preferencesImage: Date/Time Preferences options.
  3. In the Date and Time Display area, select the appropriate radio buttons to format the appearance of dates and times.

    To verify you’ll get the result you want, watch the “Example Date and Time Display” change as you make your formatting choices.

  4. In the Calendar Start Day area, select the weekday you want to appear at the far left in 25Live calendars.
  5. In the Availability View Display Hours area, enter the first and last hour to determine the time range for availability views.

    For example, entering 07:00 am and 10:00 pm results in grids that show activity from 7:00 a.m. through 10:59 p.m.

  6. Change the time zone, if required.
  7. Click Update Preferences.

To "Star" Objects of the Viewer Seat

You can star specific events, locations, resources, and/or organizations (and even reports, if desired) as the Viewer Seat user so they appear as "starred" items on the 25Live Home Dashboard for Viewers and in pre-defined search groupings of “starred” objects.

  1. Sign in to 25Live as the 25Live Viewer Seat user.
  2. Click Go To Search, then choose the object type you want to search for from the Select Object drop-down.
  3. Search for the objects you want to star using a simple search by keyword or other search criteria or run a pre-defined search.
  4. Click the star icon to the left of each object you want to star. In this example, some locations with media equipment have been starred.

    25Live screenshot of location searchImage: Example of 25Live starred objects.
  5. To see the starred objects in the 25Live Home Dashboard, click the Home tab, then click the Refresh icon on the appropriate starred area of the page.

    The following example shows what a view-only user might see on the 25Live Home Dashboard.
    25Live screenshot of viewer seat dashboardImage: 25Live dashboard.