Setting Up Recommended Resources for the Event Form

Security Note

To setup custom Event Form configurations and settings, you must have the following permissions setup in Series25 Group Administration: Admin: 17.0 Update User Group Configurations and Preferences 

What Are Recommended Resources?

Typically, resources are selected through a resource search in the event form, but another option is to recommend specific resources based on whether a user's event meets other conditions. For example, you might want to recommend an AV resource to users when they request conference rooms, or when they select an AV custom attribute. This option can be a helpful timesaver, especially for users who aren't as familiar with your 25Live resources.

How to Setup Recommended Resources 

This section provides a brief overview of Root Rule configurations specific to Recommended Resources. For a more in-depth overview of setting up root rules please see Event Form Rules: Adding Conditional Rules for the 25Live Event Form

Rule Settings

  • Go to MoreSystem SettingsEvent Form SettingsRule Settings
  • Select Add New Root Rule
    Add new root rule button in Rule SettingsImage: Select the Add New Root Rule buttonSelecting the Source Type Event Type in the Rule Settings.Image: Select the Source Type Event Type in the Rule Settings
  • Add conditions to determine which criteria your recommended resources should be based on. 
    • Choose from one of the following options using the Source Type dropdown. 
      • Custom Attribute
      • Location
      • Primary Organization
      • Resource
      • Security Group
      • Event Type
    • If needed, update your operators 
  • For the Target Type, select Add Recommended Resources.Choosing recommended resources
    Image: When using the Add Recommended Resources target type, you will display a pre-defined search of suggestions for the Event Form user.
  • Use the Edit Targets button to search for resources, then tick the checkboxes of any you want to add. Then, press Done.
  • Save your changes.

After setting up your Recommended Resource rules, users will be able to see them when they make qualifying events.

Config Settings (Optional)

Recommended resources are available alongside a resource search, but if you'd like users to see recommended resources exclusively, update the Config Settings with the following steps.

  • Navigate to the Config Settings in the left-hand menu.
    Use recommended resource toggleImage: When toggled to Yes, the Use Recommended Resources config setting will eliminate the ability for users to run a resource search in the event form.
  • Use the Select Config to Edit dropdown menu to find an existing configuration to add recommended resources to.
    Create a new configuration with the Add Config button.
  • Toggle Use Recommended Resources (instead of resource search) to Yes.
  • Make any other necessary changes to the configurations and Save.


In the example below, the configurations require that one of the selected locations ( Conference (West) or Conference (East) ) must be selected. If neither location is selected, the event type will need to be one of the selected options (Conference or Reception). 

Since the example uses an in operator for each criteria, and an or operator between the two, this event will only need to meet one of those four conditions to display the recommended resource (AV - Data Projector).

Example Rule Setting configurations to recommend the AV - Data Projector resource to users if they select one of two locations OR one of two event types.Image: Example Rule Setting configurations to recommend the AV - Data Projector resource to users if they select one of two locations OR one of two event types

In the event form example below, the user has added the Conference (West) location. Adding the location triggered the recommended resource rule, populating the AV - Data Projector resource in the Recommended Resources section of the form:

Location and resources in the event formImage: When the user chose the Conference (West) location, the recommended resource rule was triggered and the AV - Data Projector resource was populated in the Recommended Resources