Setting Up Disqus Comments and Facebook Comments on your Calendar Spuds

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Setting Up Disqus Comments and Facebook Comments on Your Calendar Spuds
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25Live Publisher has the capability for users to add Disqus Comments or Facebook Comments to their calendar spuds.  By default, both options are turned off but you are able to disable one or both.

Disqus Accounts and Facebook Apps

To set up Disqus comments, you must first sign up for a Disqus account and choose a short name that identifies the website where you want your comments enabled.

To properly setup up the Facebook comments and make use of the advanced features available with it, you must link your site to a Facebook app.  See the instructions in 25LIve Publisher help for creating a Facebook app, and visit the Facebook App Developer site.  The Facebook app will allow you to blacklist words and moderate content.

Add Disqus or Facebook Comment Feeds to Calendar Spuds

1. Sign in to 25Live Publisher

Sign in to Publisher at

2. Open the Publish Settings for Your Calendar

In 25Live Publisher, select your calendar, click on the gray triangle to open the dropdown menu, and choose Publish Settings.

Select Publish Settings for the CalendarImage: Click the arrow next to the calendar you want to edit and select Publish Settings.

3. Open the Event Detail View Settings and Styles

Click on the Calendar Spuds tab and scroll down to the Event Detail View.  

Image: Select the Calendar Spuds tab.Locate the Edit Settings & Styles link and click to open the settings and styles for the Event Detail View.
Edit settings and styles in the event detail viewImage: Scroll down to the Event Detail View and select Edit Settings & Styles.

4. Update the Comment Settings

At the bottom of the page, you will see the option to Show Disqus comments or Show Facebook comments. Click Yes for either one or both.

Enabling Disqus Comments or Facebook CommentsImage: Select Yes to show Disqus or Facebook comments.

Click OK to save your selections to the Event Detail View and preview the calendar. Open an event on the calendar and look for the new discussion boxes.