Setting Default Location Layout Setup and Takedown Times

In the Location Details view's Layouts section, 25Live allows you to add and manage how much additional time will be added to an event using those layouts. These times are applied in the Event Form when a user chooses a specific location and layout.

Security Note

To access this feature, your 25Live user must have "Full Control" for locations for Functional Level Security and Object Level Security. Administrators using the Series25 Group Administration tool should set Admin: 10.0 Create, Edit, and Copy Locations in the Admin Options area to Yes. If you would like your permissions changed, contact your 25Live administrator.

How to Add Default Setup and Takedown Times

1. Go to the Location Details View

Locations names are linksImage: Tapping on the name of a location from search results

The name of any location across different views in 25Live is a link you can use to view its details. After clicking or tapping on a location's name from any screen, the Details view shows by default.

2. Look at the Layouts Section and Choose a Layout

Choose a layoutImage: In this example, we will add default times to the Circle layout.

Each layout configured for this location can have additional default setup and takedown times added.


Master Definitions for all layouts can be managed in System Settings within 25Live Pro.

3. Edit Each Additional Time Type and Save

Animation: Use the edit links on each layout's row to edit the fields for setup and takedown times.Animation: Use the edit links on each layout's row to edit the fields for setup and takedown times.

In each column, for Setup time and Takedown time, use the Edit icon (Edit icon) to reveal a form in which you can add time. Add time in Days, Hours, or Minutes by typing in the fields or using the up and down arrow controls.

Of course, you don't always need to add both setup and takedown times.

How to Edit Default Setup and Takedown Times

Editing timesImage: Use the Edit icon in each column to change the default layout times.

Go to the Summary screen of any Location details view by using the link on any location name. In the Layout section, use the Edit (Edit icon) icon to reveal the additional time fields. Change the Days, Hours, or Minutes fields by typing or using the up and down arrow controls.

Using Default Setup and Takedown Times in the Event Form

Note: This Feature is Not Yet Available for Express Scheduling

Default location layout setup and takedown times currently will not be added to reservation duration times for events created using Express Scheduling. If your institution needs this feature, you can add and vote for feature requests using the Series25 Customer Feedback Boards.

Animation of applying default location layout times in an event.Animation: Applying default location layout times in an event.

When creating an event using the Event Form, any default setup and takedown times set for a chosen location and layout will apply automatically upon changing the layout.

1. Begin Creating With the Event Form

Event Form linkImage: One of the many ways to create an event with the Event Form is by using the link in the top navigation bar.

Follow the steps outlined in Creating Events With the Event Form to begin creating your event.

2. Choose a Location and Layout

In the Locations > Locations Search section of the Event Form, find the location you want to reserve, and choose a layout. If the layout you need is selected by default, choose a different layout, then re-select the desired layout to apply its times.

Note: Availability Checking Does Not Include Default Setup and Takedown Times

When searching for available locations, the search will not currently factor in any additional time set for layouts for the locations, partially due to a layout not having yet been chosen. If the additional time exceeds the availability window for that location, you may see a conflict and need to choose a different location.

3. View the Added Time in the Additional Time Section (if available)

Additional Time section on Event FormImage: The Additional Time section will reflect the addition of your default location layout times.

Scroll up to the Additional Time section of the Event Form to view the amount of time added to the Reservation Duration based on choosing your location and layout.

If your user's security group's event form configuration does not have the Additional Time section visible, the added setup and takedown times will still apply.

Feature Notes

If Adding More Than One Layout With Default Additional Times to an Event

Example with one layout addedImage: Before — with a first location added that has a default of 15 minutes of setup and takedown time.

If you add more than one location/layout to an occurrence, 25Live will apply the greatest default times. 

Example with multiple layouts addedImage: After — when the second location was added, the Additional Time increased to meet the minimum of all additional default times.

However, if you remove the layout and/or location/layout with the longest default time(s), the longest time(s) will be retained in the Additional Time section. You can manually change the times after removing a layout if needed.

If Using Layouts in Events with Segments

If you are using default location layout times in an event with segments, the times are stored differently. While additional event times are usually stored at the segment level (see Learning About 25Live Event Structure), these default location layout additional times will be stored at the occurrence level. This change allows you more flexibility in setting these times for different layouts in complex events.