Series25 Analytics Custom Consulting

Are you fielding classroom or space planning questions for your campus, such as:

  • What is our room utilization?
  • What is our seat utilization?
  • Which room have exceptionally high or exceptionally low utilization, and what factors might contribute to those extremes?
  • How does the current class schedule impact room usage?
  • Where can we find efficiencies that don't require new construction?
  • Where do we have excess room capacity?
  • What happens if we take a classroom building offline for renovation? Will we have enough space for our scheduled courses?
  • Are we in need of new classroom space? If so, how many and of what capacities?

If you could use help answering these types of questions, consider a custom consulting service designed to help you meet your specific space scheduling analytic needs.  Contact your Series25 Account Manager to discuss what we can do for you!