Viewing Evaluation Statistics for a Selected Term in Eval25

To view evaluation statistics, choose Status Tracking from the Reports menu, or click a More link on the Dashboard. Then select the term you want to see statistics for from the dropdown list.

by term tab of the status tracking page Image: The Status Tracking page can be found under the Reports tab.

The Status Tracking Page has Three Main Sections:

  • In the upper left, a line chart of the response rate by day is displayed. You can select various time ranges for the displayed data by clicking the links in the upper left corner labeled Zoom.
  • In the upper right, a pie chart is displayed. The Response Breakdown shows the percentage and number of students who have completed their evaluations, have declined to evaluate, and have not yet completed their evaluations.
  • Below these sections is the Response Rate by School chart: a bar and a line chart showing the number of completed evaluations by school as a bar and the average response rate for the institution as a line.
    • Hover your mouse over a bar to see the total values and percentages by school.
    • Click the chevron to the left or the right of the chart to switch to a summary table view of the data.

At the bottom of the Status Tracking page, you can download Evaluators Reports by term or session.