Section Analytics - Overview

In addition to the reports available for Section Analytics, you can also choose to view the Overview. This view includes all the sections in the selected term(s) and has the ability to group by subjects, departments, or colleges. In the Overview report view, you can see the full context of your data with the ability to export to Excel.

Viewing Overview

Image: Navigate to Overview using the left-hand menu.

After navigating to Section Analytics using the top menu, use the Overview link in the left-side menu after choosing terms (and/or instances).

Image: The Overview report view in Section Analytics offers sortable columns and an export option.

When viewing the Overview, use the Group by dropdown menu to filter by:

  • All
  • Subjects
  • Departments
  • Colleges
  • Campuses
  • Regions
  • Institutions

Selecting a grouping shows a different table view with data aggregated throughout the group.
The sorting arrows  in the header can change the sort of the table data. A sorting arrow will a darker arrow  indicates that column is currently sorted and which direction the data is sorted in.

Use the checkboxes in the Choose Columns dropdown to remove or add columns from view.

Image: Pagination controls and an option to change the number of records displayed per page make viewing your Overview data easy.

You can change the view of your data using the pagination buttons at the bottom of the table to jump to the First, Prev (Previous), Next, or Last page. Use the dropdown page menu to jump to a particular page number. You can also change the number of records per page displayed using the dropdown menu at the bottom-right of the table.

Tip: Changing the Data Displayed in Overview

At any time, you may use the left-column menu to the Terms view and select different or additional terms (and different instances, if available for your institution). Then, use the Overview link to generate your new data.

A Refresh button is available below the table, and the date the report was generated is displayed.

Exporting Overview Data

X25 Analytics provides an easy option to export your Overview data. Use the Export to Excel button below the table and pagination controls to generate an .xslx file will all the data.