Searching For Groups

Image: The application gives you two search options to find groups.

The Series25 Group Administration tool will let you search for groups by the group name or by contact to then let you configure permissions and members.

Search by Group

Use the Search by Group field to start typing security group names. 

Image: The list of security groups will narrow as you type in the Search by Group field. In this example, all groups that match "approver" are shown.

As you type, the list of security groups below will narrow to only show those that include your text. You can then select one or more groups to configure.

Use the X in the field to clear your search.

Find Group By Contact

Image: Type to search for contacts.

Type in the Find Group By Contact field to begin a type-ahead search for the names of contacts in security groups. Tap or click a name to view the group that contact belongs to. You can then Configure the group.