Room vs Seat Utilization Report

The Room vs Seat Utilization report shows how individual location can be compared with regards to their usage in two factors:

  • Room utilization: how much is the location being used throughout the day?
  • Seat utilization: how full is the location when classes and events are scheduled in it?

Use this report to determine how often rooms/locations are used and how well.

Questions that Room vs. Seat Utilization can help answer include:

  • Which locations are used most frequently? Which are under-utilized?
  • When a location is in use, what's the average seat utilization?
  • Which locations are getting the best use overall? the worst?
  • What are the details of room and seat utilization in specific buildings or partitions?
  • Are there patterns by department? By building? By controlling organization or room characteristics?
  • How does technology in rooms affect room/seat utilization?

Image: Room vs Seat Utilization report

Report Settings

There is only one setting which controls the display of this report: Group By. This controls the labeling of the blue squares representing individual locations.

When All is selected, the squares have no label. Otherwise, they are labeled according to a key at the bottom of the report. Selecting a grouping option also adds orange circles to the report representing the average utilization of all locations in each group.

Reading the Report

  • The X-axis shows the room utilization (hours used in a location in relation to those available) as a percentage value.
  • The Y-axis shows the average seat utilization (event headcount in relation to the location capacity) as a percentage value.
  • The upper right chart zone (I) is the area of rooms with optimal room and seat utilization. Chart zone IV is the worst. You may see most activity in either II or III, if one kind of utilization has priority at your institution.
  • The blue squares represent individual rooms. Each square has a number corresponding to its supply group. Average utilization values for supply groups are displayed in an orange circle.
  • Roll your cursor over an individual symbol to see details for a room or group.
  • Click on a square or circle (either in the chart or in the legend) to hide all locations in that group from the chart. Click on the square in the legend to bring them back.

Assessing the Report Results

  • What's the report showing you about utilization patterns?
  • What's unexpected about your results?

Video Demo