Reviewing Flagged Comments in Eval25

Comment Redaction lets an Instructor, Academic Administrator, or Administrator flag a student evaluation comment, for example, one that is offensive or untrue, and place it into the Comment Redaction report where it can be determined if the comment should be redacted or retained. 

A note on the comment can be saved to record the reasoning behind a decision. Redacted comments will be hidden from other reports, while retained comments are not.

Security Note

Eval25 Administrators can edit flagged comment permissions. Please see Granting Users Flagged Comment Review Permissions in Eval25 for more information.

1. Choose Comment Redaction From the Reports Menu

2. Select a Term

  • Use the Select Term dropdown box to find the appropriate term. Once selected, the report displays flagged comments.

Comment redaction reportImage: Click on a comment to view the course, instructor, flagger, and student's individual report.

3. Review, Redact, & Retain Comments

  • To the right of each report question for review is a Redact button and a Retain button. The reviewer can examine each comment and decide what to do.
    • To remove a comment, click Redact and enter a comment with a reason why this comment should be redacted in the text field. (Required) Then, tap the comment’s Redact button to confirm.
    • To keep a comment, click the Retain button and enter a comment about the retention in the text field. (Optional) Then, tap the comment’s Retain button to confirm.

Redaction/retention comment boxImage: Redaction comments are required, while retention comments are optional.

Edit Retention or Redaction Decision

1. Choose a Redacted or Retained Comment to Update

  • To keep a comment that you previously redacted, select the dropdown and click Retain.
  • To remove a comment that you previously retained, select the dropdown and click Redact.

Image: Dropdown buttons on the right allow you to edit the review comment or update the status.

2. Edit the Review Comment

  • To edit the reason for the redaction/retention, select the dropdown and click Edit Review Comment.

3. Save

  • Select the Retain/Redact confirmation button on the comment to save your changes.

For more information, please see Flagging Comments in Eval25 & Granting Users Flagged Comment Review Permissions in Eval25.