Reviewing and Monitoring 25Live Publisher Feeds in the Publisher Overview

Once you have published event feeds for 25Live Publisher calendars, you will be able to manage and monitor them in the Publisher Overview region of 25Live. You access the Publisher Overview by clicking on the hamburger menu and selecting Publisher from the drop-down menu

Publisher link in the 25live more menu

If you haven't previously signed on to create Publisher feeds in this session, you will be prompted to sign into the Publisher Overview with your publisher credentials. These are the credentials you use to log into 25Live Publisher.

Publisher overview login window

Once you sign in, you will be presented with your list of already published feeds detailing a large amount of information concerning the feeds that have been published.

Calendar feeds in the Publisher overview

The Publisher Overview contains one line of information for each feed you have published.  The data about each feed is maintained in a series of up to twelve (12) columns.  You may choose which columns you want to display in your overview by selecting the Choose Columns list and removing checkmarks from any columns you do not want displayed.  The Update Now, Object/Group, and Status columns will always be visible and may not be hidden.

Choose columns window

Understanding the Publisher Overviews Columns

The Update Now column contains a button that will force the underlying search for this feed to immediately be executed and update the corresponding calendar in Publisher.  You might use this functionality if you have an event that needs immediate release and you cannot wait for the next regular refresh of the calendar feed.  The refresh happens roughly once every 30 minutes.

Update now button for a calendar feed

The Object/Group column contains the name of the 25Live event search that this feed will use to update this calendar. 

Object/group column

The Status column contains the current status of the calendar.  You will be looking to see that your feeds have green check marks in this column to indicate that the feed is functioning normally.  If you see a red warning symbol here, you know that the feed is not updating the calendar for some reason.  In that case, there are a couple of things you should check.  First, log in as the Publisher User and execute the search for this calendar.  If the search is returning events and functioning as expected, you will know that the problem with the feed is not search related.  Next, log in to 25Live Publisher and locate the calendar that is fed by this particular feed.  Does it still exist?  If not, then it has been deleted and the feed is broken because it no longer has the connected calendar to feed.  If the calendar still exists and the search is still functioning, you will need to contact support and have them check further why the feed is not functioning.

Status column

The Status Message column tells you when the calendars were last updated.  The information contains both the date and time of the last update.

Status message column

The 25Live User column presents the username of the 25Live User that created this event feed.  Remember, that you do not want to see your user account listed there as you see in the image.  Rather, you should be creating your Publisher searches and feeds under your 25Live Publisher user account created for building searches and feeds.

25Live user column

The Type column lists the type of search that was used to create this event feed.  In the vast majority of cases, this type will be event.

Type column

The Query column contains the WebServices query to the search that this feed was created from.  Notice the query_id field which contains the search's database id.  As most people have no use for this information, this column is commonly hidden.

Query column

The Calendar column contains the name you gave the calendar when you created the feed. 

Calendar column

The Calendar ID column contains the unique database id number for this calendar.

Calendar ID column

The Creation Date column contains the date and time that this calendar feed was created.

Creation date column

The Feed UID column is event feed's unique identifier which is a combination of the 25Live Publisher User's username and a series of numbers.

Feed uid column

The Delete button is used to delete this feed from your Publisher Overview.  If you delete a calendar's feed, the calendar still exists in 25Live Publisher but only the events that are on that calendar at the time of deletion of its feed will remain.  No further updates will be made to that calendar.  You would need to log in to 25Live Publisher to delete the calendar to complete the process.

Delete column

The Publisher Overview also contains a quick link to take you to 25Live Publisher.

Open 25live publisher link in the top right corner