Resetting Course Evaluations for a Student in Eval25

If early in an evaluation term or session, a student notifies you that they have made a mistake on a course evaluation they’ve submitted, you can reset the evaluation for the student so they can evaluate the course again from scratch.

Note: Your institution also has the option of allowing students to reset their own evaluations. For information on this capability, email to request this information.

1. Choose Registration From the Configuration Menu

2 Search or Browse for the Course

  • To search:
    • With the Search tab selected, choose Courses from the Search dropdown list.
    • Choose the evaluation term you want to search in.
    • Enter the full or partial name of the course in the search text field (not case sensitive).
    • Click Go.
  • To browse:
    • With the Browse tab selected, choose the Term, and possibly the School, Department, Subject, and Number of the course from the dropdown lists.

Registration search pageImage: Search or browse for a course.

3. Select the Course From the Results

This will open the information page for the course.

4. In the Students Area of the Page, Click the Associated Reset Button

Reset buttonsImage: Select the Reset button next to the student's name.

Then click OK to confirm.