Removing a Term From the Archive in Eval25

If needed, you can remove an archived term from the archive and make it available again. 

Remove a Term From Archive

1. Navigate to Terms and Sessions from the Configuration Menu

2. Browse the Archived Terms List

Select a term you want to remove from the archive and make it available.

3. View and Edit

Click the View button. When the term is visible, click the Settings (gear icon) dropdown to the right of the term description. Then, tap Edit Term.

4. Located the Archived Check Box

Uncheck the Archived check box.

The archived checkbox on the terms and sessions pageImage: Uncheck the Archived checkbox.

5. Save

Click the Save button. The term is now available and will appear in the list of Available Terms.

For more information, please see Creating and Editing Evaluation Terms and Sessions, Archiving Terms in Eval25, & Editing an Evaluation Term and its Associated Sessions