Reinitializing and Reimporting Data In LYNX

Reinitializing and reimporting data in LYNX is the process of manually resyncing your 25Live data with your SIS data. These are common troubleshooting steps for a variety of issues. 

How to Reinitialize Reference and Course Section Data

1. In LYNX, Navigate to SIS Data Initialization

Located in the More menu under Utilities.

2. Select the Appropriate Button

If initializing both reference data and course section data, initialize reference data first.

Select the Initialize Reference Data button OR the Initialize Course Section Data button.

3. Enter the Requested Information 

For either initialization, enter any Name. This will only be used to label this initialization on the initialization tracking table.

If initializing course section data, enter the Term Codes that you'd like to resync.

How to Reimport LYNX Sections

Make sure that any recent initialization processes have completed before reimporting.

1. In LYNX, Navigate to Section Import

Located in the More menu under Import to 25Live.

2. Select an Existing Extract Set

3. Click Review and Import

4. Click Import to 25Live