Registering for an Event in 25Live

25Live allows users within the application to register for events. Users with appropriate permissions can view, add, and edit registrants (See Managing 25Live Event Registrations).

Security Note

To allow users to register for events, update the following permission for their security group(s) in Series25 Group Administration:
Basic: 3.0 Register for an Event set to Yes.

How to Register For An Event

1. Go to the Event Details Or Calendar

Tapping or clicking the name of any event will bring you to its details view. You can search for an event or look for it as part of your starred items on your home dashboard.


Navigate to a 25Live calendar that lists your event.

2. Use the Register Link

Register linkImage: The Register link appears in the main action bar within the Event Details view for events configured to allow registration.

Calendar event with a register link below the event nameImage: The Register link appears below the Event Name 25Live calendars.

Tap or click the Register link.

If the event has one occurrence, a confirmation will be displayed. 

Otherwise, you will be prompted to select which occurrences you'd like to register for.

All or Individual occurrencesImage: Toggle the registration dates between All and Select Individual.

Registering for occurrencesImage: For events with multiple occurrences, you can choose which to register for.

You can choose to register for All or only Select Individual occurrences. Use the Filter search box to narrow down occurrences. Check the Include box for any occurrence you want to register for, then tap or click the Register button.

Image: Upon successful registration, an alert is displayed.

Viewing Your Registration Status

Once you have registered for an event, the Register button will be replaced with a View Registration button.

To view your registration status, click View Registration

Image: The registration button before and after registering.

An alert will pop up with your current status.

Image: Example of a registration alert.

Register for an event and check your registration status on the Event Details page.Animation: Register for an event and check your registration status on the Event Details page. 

If the Register link is not available on an event you think should allow registration, ask an administrator to check to see that the Allow Registration custom attribute is available for the event (based on the Event Type) and is set to Yes.