Quick Snapshots

Snapshots in X25 Analytics are the basis of all metrics, reports, and modeling. In order to dive into the details of your 25Live data, you must first isolate it and determine exactly what you want to analyze. Creating a Quick Snapshot is the fastest way to get started.

The guide below will generate an X25 snapshot from 25Live data based on just a few inputs you give it.

Creating a Quick Snapshot

1. Open the Quick Snapshot Form

  • On the Projects page, tap the Quick Snapshot button in the upper right.

Quick snapshot button on the projects pageImage: The Quick Snapshot link at the top-right of the Projects page.

  • Alternatively, select a previously created project, and click the New button beneath the snapshot list. Choose Quick Snapshot to add a new snapshot to that project.
  • Whichever method you choose will open the Create Quick Snapshot window.

Create Quick Snapshot form window.Image: Create Quick Snapshot form window.

2. Make Selections in the Quick Snapshot Form

  • Fill out the following form items:
    • Choose a Date Range - The snapshot will include all 25Live events within this date range. 
      • Use the buttons below the date pickers to quickly advance both selections forward or backward, by a few months or a year.
    • Choose Data Source(s) - This will narrow your selection. The snapshot will only include events that originated from a specific method.
      • LYNX - Includes classes imported from your SIS as well as exams created by LYNX. Each term code can be selected separately.
      • CSV - Includes anything imported through the CSV Event Import process.
      • 25Live Events - Includes everything else, usually meaning events created directly in 25Live.
    • Filter Event States - This will determine which event states are included. The only event states that will be available are ones that are present on one or more of your selected Data Sources.
    • Filter Locations - By default, the snapshot will include all 25Live locations. Use the checkbox to limit the locations to those assigned to selected events.
    • Project and Name - Select the project from the dropdown that you'd like your snapshot to belong to. Then, enter a name for your new snapshot.

3. Save Your Snapshot

  • In the Quick Snapshot section, click Create to save the snapshot in the chosen project.

Now you're ready to start exploring your data X25 Analytics!

Updating a Quick Snapshot

If you need to change the details of a quick snapshot, including its name or the events and locations it includes:

1. Select the snapshot from the list within its project.

2. Click Edit or Update.

3. Edit any options desired.

4. Click Update and wait for the update to be saved.

Note: Updating May Overwrite Previous Data

Updating a snapshot will overwrite any previous data in the snapshot from previous updates, including Modeling simulations. For example, updating a snapshot can destroy the data filters, which could impact comparison sets.