Publishing Security and Saved Searches

Publishing Security Requirements

Event data to be sent to Publisher calendars may originate in 25Live or be brought into 25Live from your SIS via the Series25 LYNX Interface (or the TCS Series25-SIS Interface), and is fed to the calendars from the Series25 database.

The functional and object security permissions of the 25Live user determine whether that user can send events to the 25Live Publisher and which events and locations the user can view and, therefore, select to send to the Publisher.

To access 25Live Publisher and its functionality, a user must sign in to 25Live as a member of a security group that has functional security for the Publisher. See Permissions in Series25 Group Administration.

The user must also have at a minimum “View Only” object security access to all events and locations to be sent from 25Live to Publisher.

Don't make Your Functional Administrator User the Publisher User

Because of potential functional conflicts, don't give your Functional Administrator user the authority to send events to 25Live Publisher.

Instead, create a separate user for that purpose—for example, “25Live Publisher Seat”— and a dedicated security group for that user. Be sure the object security settings for that user support retrieval of the events and locations your school wants to include in published event calendars.

Using Saved Searches to Select the Events You Want to Send to 25Live Publisher

The recommended method for selecting the events and events-by-location to send to 25Live Publisher from 25Live is to create saved event and location searches in 25Live.

Your Functional Administrator is probably the best candidate to build and save searches that precisely define the criteria for selecting the events or event locations, to send to Publisher calendars, and then "share" the searches to make them visible in the Publisher Seat's 25Live environment. That same individual or some other user would then sign into 25Live as the "Publisher Seat" user, "star" those searches as favorites, run the searches, and complete the Publisher “send.”

For information on creating, sharing, and "starring" searches, consult the 25Live online help.

How You Save Searches is Important!

In 25Live, you can save either the criteria you used to create a search or the results generated when you ran the search before saving. Which you choose determines how Publisher feeds are maintained and updated.

When you save event/location search criteria, feed updates will include all the events or locations that match those criteria at the time the feed is updated. When you save search results, feed updates will include only the data relevant to the specific events or locations returned by the original saved search.

Identify Searches Intended for Publisher Sends

To make them easy to spot, you may want to establish a convention for naming the shared searches intended for use by the Publisher Seat. For example, each search name might start with “publish_”