Publisher RSS Feed Date Looks Mismatched


  • While working with 25Live Publisher RSS Feeds, you notice that your feeds include entries with two dates.
  • One of the dates, known as the 'PubDate', is expressed in GMT and may appear incorrectly depending on the application you are using to digest the RSS Feed.
  • There is a way to remove the 'PubDate' which in some cases can improve the final output (steps below).


  • Go to and login
  • Select the calendar in question by checking its checkbox under CURRENT PUBLICATION.  Example:
    Current Publication: Checked Today plus 2 days
  • There should be a row of buttons near the top of the page.
  • Click the Publish button.
    Publish button
  • Select the Feeds tab.
  • Under RSS Feed, select Edit Settings & Styles.
  • About midway down, there will be an option called Publish Date Source.
  • Change this to No Publish Date and click OK near the bottom.
  • This will remove the <PubDate> tag from the RSS feed.
  • You may need to refresh your browser to see this change.

Example Feed - Removing the PubDate

Before the Change

Publisher RSS feed test, pubdate highlighted

After the Change

Publisher RSS feed test


  • If removing the 'PubDate' does not correct the final output, you will want to follow-up with the application digesting the RSS Feed.