Preventing Choosing a Heading When Saving Events

About Choosing a Heading

For more about the basic information, see Choosing a Heading When Saving an Event.

Example of heading choicesImage: Example of heading choices. The options will differ in your 25Live instance.

If You Don't Want Users to Choose a Heading for Events

This popup only appears when a user attempts to save an event and there is more than one folder where the event can be saved. Look over the routing criteria described above and structure your folders so that events will have only one possible option. Here are some tips:

  • Reduce the number of folders in your event structure. Consult the Best Practices (Customer Resources login required) article to learn about ways you can simplify your cabinets and folders. Fewer folders means fewer choices.
  • Set up Express Scheduling with a single folder.
  • Restrict users' access using security. In the Admin tool under Manage Folders, edit a folder's object security in the Child Events > Create Events section. You can prevent an entire security group from saving to that folder. If a group only has permission to save to one folder, all their events will be routed there. (Provided they meet the other criteria described above based on event type and date range.)
  • Auto-route events based on organizations or categories. In the Admin tool under Manage Folders, edit a folder and add one or more categories or organizations to the folder. Events with matching data will be saved in the corresponding folder. Set multiple folders up with mutually exclusive criteria: for example, put all your student organizations on one folder and all your external organizations on another.