Preparing To Run Schedule25

Once you've created a new Schedule25 run, you can see it on the "Manage Runs" tab. This includes a list of all the runs you've created and if you are an administrator, all the runs from other users.

Manage Schedule25 Optimizer Runs pageImage: Manage Schedule25 Optimizer Runs page.

Each run has four actions you can take:

  • Run: Begin the optimization steps to place classes with this run
  • Edit: Change the settings for this run
  • Copy: Create a new run with the same settings
  •  Delete: Remove this run from the list

Select the new run you created and click Start. On the resulting page, click Run Prepare. This step takes a short time to complete as the Optimizer analyzes all the events and locations that are part of the run.

When it is finished, you are presented with a list of errors and warnings based on your input data including, potentially, any of the following:

  • Fatal errors must be resolved before the run can proceed. Fatal errors include problems with your event/location searches or an issue with your Schedule25 license.
  • Errors won't prevent the run from continuing but will affect your results. Errors include things like location preferences or requirements that can't be met by any location in your location search results.
  • Warnings won't prevent the run from continuing but may affect your results. Warnings include potential problems that may or may not be intentional, such as sections with zero headcounts.

Schedule25 run preparation results, including any fatal errors and/or warnings.Image: Schedule25 run preparation results, including any fatal errors and/or warnings.

Fixing errors, and possibly warnings, usually requires making data changes in 25Live Pro or modifying the run settings. Once you have examined and resolved all error messages, run the preparation step again until no errors appear. For more information on a particular error or warning message, click its "about this error" or "about this warning" link.