Permissions in Eval25

Permissions define which functions within Eval25 a user is allowed to perform. The following permission categories allow users to perform these tasks.User Permissions pageImage: User Permissions page.

Reporting Category   

  • View Diagnostics: Access the Status Tracking Report.
  • Preview Reports: View reports as soon as they are calculated (typically the day after the evaluation period ends), rather than waiting until the official report release date.
  • View Quantitative Reports: Allow user access to Quantitative reports when the box is checked.

The Quantitative report is the most basic permission for reports. If a user does not have this permission, then they can't view a report, and therefore can't edit a form. However, not all users who have Edit Forms permission (see the Configuration category below) can edit all parts of a form. Eval25 checks to see if a user has permission for that binding. If the user has permission, then they can edit the form.

  • View Qualitative Reports: Allows user access to Qualitative reports when the box is checked.
  • Export Reports: Allow users to export reports when the box is checked.
  • Export Batch Report (Quantitative) **: Export quantitative reports in a batch.
  • Batch Excel Report (Quantitative) **: Export quantitative reports in a batch in Excel format.
  • Export Batch Report (Qualitative) **: Export qualitative reports in a batch.
  • Batch Excel Report (Qualitative) **: Export qualitative reports in a batch in Excel format.

** These four permissions (Export Batch Report (Quantitative), Batch Excel Report (Quantitative), Export Batch Report (Qualitative), Batch Excel Report (Qualitative)) will allow a user to export the default “Ratings Summary” and/or “Comments” reports, even if those reports have been disabled using the Custom Reports feature.

This should be considered if a school creates custom reports that do not display all questions to some users. If a user has any of these four permissions, the user can export the data and be able to see all questions, even hidden ones. This ability may be contrary to what was intended for those questions. This should be taken into consideration when these permissions are set.     

  • Review Flagged Comments: Review flagged comments, and decide to remove or retain them. This Permission is only relevant if the Institution Setting allowing users to flag comments has been enabled.

Administration Category

  • Admin Emails: Create email announcements sent to students, instructors, and administrators.
  • Admin Users: Create and maintain Eval25 users and user Permissions/Access Restrictions.
  • Admin Terms: Create and maintain evaluation terms.
  • Schedule Sessions: Create and maintain evaluation sessions.
  • Export XML Data: Export institution-wide evaluation data in XML format.

Configuration Category *

  • Edit Secondary Users: Create and maintain Eval25 users in their own school or department. This permission is not available to users with Access Restrictions beyond their own School or Department.
  • Registration: View and edit course registration information using the Registration tool.
  • Edit Forms: Create and edit evaluation forms using the Form Editor.
  • Build Reports: Build and edit custom reports using the Custom Reports tool.

* Reporting and Configuration tools are restricted based on the selected Access Restrictions.
   Administrative tools are institution-wide and Access Restrictions cannot be applied to them.

For more information, please see Access Restrictions, View (Export) ALL Schools, & Copying Permissions