Pending Reservations in 25Live Prevent Location Assignment

What Is a Pending Location Reservation? 

When a 25Live user is creating an event and assigns a location, a pending reservation (assignment) is created to hold that location while the user finishes creating the event. This is done to prevent conflicts that would occur if another user tried to schedule the same location at the same time. If the user's browser crashes during the event creation process, the pending reservations are never discharged. 25Live System Settings lets you view and remove these pending location reservations. 

There is a space conflict when attempting to make a location assignment in 25Live. When looking at the location calendar, the conflict isn't a specific event, but says "(Pending)".

Location details availability daily viewImage: Go to a location's availability view in the location details to see pending reservations.

The Event Form creates a pending reservation for your location as soon as you select the location to ensure that it remains available for your event (and doesn't get scheduled by someone else at the same time) while you finish creating the event. When you save the event, those pending reservations are converted into non-pending reservations and the pending reservations are removed.

If you have made a location assignment but haven't yet saved the event when your PC or browser crashes, then you'll be left with pending assignments and no one else will be able to schedule into that location.

Troubleshooting Steps

To view the Pending Location details... 

  • Go to the More menu > System Settings > General Settings > User Activity > Pending Locations
  • Then find the row with the view location in question. Here you will be able to also see the user who is trying to reserve the location and the last time they were working on that reservation.

Pending location reservations under User Activity in the System SettingsImage: Check on Pending Locations under User Activity in the System Settings.

  • If you choose to, you can remove the location from the pending state by selecting the Delete button for that row.
Note: Be Careful

Some of the pending reservations you see listed will be legitimate, and removing the reservation will delete all unsaved changes. Consider only removing pending reservations that are yours, or that are stuck due to a crash.