Partition and Feature Matching in X25 Analytics

When viewing event details on the Tables page, you'll find that some views have columns labeled Preference Match and Feature Match. These columns indicate how closely the event meets its desired criteria for placement via the Schedule25 Optimizer.

Partition Match

This column is scaled from 1-4, indicating the "priority tier" of the location assigned to the event (based on the partition preferences of the event's organization). For example, if the event was placed in its organization's first-choice preference, this column shows a green 1.

There is also a fifth option if the assigned location does not belong in any of the four organization priority tiers. In this case, the preference match column shows a grey 0.

Feature Match

This column contains a percentage value indicating the degree to which its assigned location meets the event's needs with regard to location features. For example, if the event has five location feature preferences and the assigned location matches four of them, this column will show 80%.