Over-Enrollment Report

The Over-Enrollment Report in X25's Section Analytics area indicates when sections have a higher registered headcount than their enrollment maximum. It also highlights rows where the registered headcount is greater than the capacity of the assigned location.

You can use this information to manage course offerings in your student information system (SIS).

Screenshot of a table of section data, with miscellaneous details on each rowImage: Over-Enrollment Report

The report table includes the following fields:

  • Subject Code: This corresponds to the section's organization when imported to 25Live.
  • Course/Section Number: These appear in the section's name when imported to 25Live.
  • CRN: The section's Course Record Number or unique identifier (appears in section name).
  • EHC: Expected Head Count (based on maximum enrollment)
  • RHC: Registered Head Count
  • Fill (%): Over-enrollment percentage (registered headcount divided by expected headcount)
  • Instructor(s): All instructors associated with the section are included.
  • Location Details: If the section has been assigned a location in the SIS, it is displayed here. Utilization numbers are presented based on both EHC and RHC.

Only sections whose RHC is greater than EHC are displayed (i.e., where Fill % is greater than 100%). Sections are highlighted in blue when RHC exceeds location capacity.