Organization Query Terms

isFavreturns favorite organizations=trueboolean
::isFav = true
namereturns organizations with a name matching a value





any stringstring
::name startsWith 'student'
formalreturns organizations with a formal name matching a valuecontainsany stringstring
::formal contains 'student'
keyreturns organizations with a key=trueboolean
::key = true
codereturns organizations matching the specified accounting code=any stringstring
::code = '2018Q2'
modifiedSincereturns organizations with a modified date greater than or equal to the given date=today, '2018-05-04', or any other date valuedate
::modifiedSince = today
::modifiedSince = today - 5
::modifiedSince = today + 3
::modifiedSince = '2018-05-04'
modifiedByreturns organizations modified by a given person=any contactstring
::modifiedBy = 'Bob'
orgreturns the exact organizations selected from the suggestion dropdowninone or more organizations, selected from the suggestion dropdownstring
::org in ('American Red Cross')
orgSearchreturns organizations associated with the organizations returned from a organization search=an organization searchstring
::orgSearch = 'Academic Organizations'
addressreturns organizations associated with address fieldsinaddress type and various string fields for an address, such as street, city, zip, country, phone, faxstring
::address in ('(none)', '1234 SE 10th', 'Portland', '97201', 'USA', '503-123-4567', '503-123-4567')
::address in ('(none)', '1234 SE 10th', '', '', '', '', '')
::address in ('Billing', '1234 SE 10th', '', '', '', '', '')
::address in ('Administration', '', '', '', '', '503-123-4567', '')
categoryreturns organizations associated with categories




one or more organization categories, selected from the suggestion dropdownstring
::cat in ('Off-Campus')
::cat notIn ('Student Sponsored')
::cat all ('Student Government', 'President Sponsored')
contactreturns organizations associated with some contacts who play a certain organization role in the organizationina single role type and one or more contacts, selected from the suggestion dropdownstring
::contact in ('role:0', 'service25, collegenet')
::contact in ('role:-1', 'Corwin')
typereturns organizations of a certain organization typeinone or more organization types selected from the suggestion dropdownstring
::type in ('Academic')
ratingreturns organizations of a certain ratinginone or more ratings selected from the suggestion dropdownstring
::rating in ('Do Not Allow Bookings', 'Risk of Nonpayment', 'Suspended')
eventreturns organizations within selected eventsinone or more events, selected from the suggestion dropdownstring
::event in ('Book Club Meeting', 'How to Fight Chaos')
eventSearchreturns organizations returned from a saved search=an event searchstring
::eventSearch = 'Events On Main Campus'
custAtrbreturns organizations matching a selected custom attribute and its valueinVariesstring
::custAtrb in ('Cancel if Bad Weather?', 'is True', 'B')
::custAtrb in ('Course Section', 'starts with', 'S', 'computational theory')
::custAtrb in ('Date Time', 'is earlier than or equal to', 'E', '2018-01-01')
::custAtrb in ('Amount Received', 'exists', 'F')