Optimizer and X25 Search Results Exclude Event Title or Location Formal Name


Optimizer search results or X25 search results exclude events or locations that show up in when I run the same search in 25Live.  Specifically, results are omitted that match on my keyword criteria based on event title in the case of events or location formal name the case of locations.


  • Return to 25Live's Search tool to edit the search that you are using for Optimizer or X25.
  • Change your search to use the parameter "name contains: (search term)" instead of the keyword search, if using Quick Search View.
  • Or, if using the Advanced view, remove the Keyword criteria. Select Add Criteria and select General. Select Event Name, and set it to your Event name criterion.
  • Resave the event search.

Or, if this issue occurs with Location searching Instead of Event searching, perform the analogous fix as described above. That is, revise the keyword criteria to use "name contains" in place of "keyword contains."