Open a Private Mode Browser Window to Troubleshoot

Using Private Mode in your web browser can help troubleshoot some issues with 25Live.  As new versions and bug patches are released, if your browser has stored old versions of 25Live's code, conflicts can result in glitches.  Clearing browser cache is one of the first steps we often try in troubleshooting, because it's simple to do, and fixes a host of problems.

Private mode in most web browsers basically clears your cache - the private mode window ignores all your saved cookies and cache, and downloads a fresh copy of the website.  Additionally, nothing you do in private mode is cached, so future sessions will be unaffected.


To open a private window in Chrome, press Ctrl-Shift-N.  Chrome calls its private mode Incognito.


To open a Private window in Firefox, press Ctrl-Shift-P.

Microsoft Edge

To open a Private mode window in Microsoft Edge, press Ctrl-Shift-P.