Occurrence Mapping in Repeated Events

Since comments, active status, location assignments, and resource assignments can be customized for each occurrence, if you change the start date/time for an occurrence in a repeating event, 25Live displays a window that will have you specify how you want to map details associated with individual occurrences to the new and/or existing dates.

occurrence mapping modal optionsImage caption: If you change the event date while editing a repeating event, you will need to choose how to map event occurrences.

You can choose between two occurrence mapping options:

  • Date-by-Date: 
    • After the Start Date is changed, any resulting occurrences that share the same date as an occurrence that existed before will inherit that occurrences information. 
    • Dates that did not previously exist will inherit the information of the first occurrence. Existing dates that are not preserved will lose their occurrence information

  • One-by-One: 
    • After the Start Date is changed, the information of the old first occurrence will be mapped to the new first occurrence, the second to the second, and so on. If the number of occurrences increases, new occurrences will inherit the information of the first occurrence. 
    • If the number of occurrences decreases, the information for the dropped occurrences will be lost.

  • No Mapping
    • This will not alter the current mapping.


You cannot edit a repeating event (or assign locations/resources) if an occurrence in the event is excluded due to a date constraint.