Notification Policy in 25Live

Notifications are workflow tasks that appear in a user's task list alongside assignment requests and To Dos. They are generated when an object (a location, organization, or resource) is assigned to an event. Notifications can also be triggered by the use of certain event types or event requirements.

Notifications come in two types: Authorizations and FYIs.

  • Authorization tasks (also known as Approval Required) present a user with two options: to Approve or Deny the task.
  • FYI tasks (also known as Notify Only) have only one task option: to Acknowledge.

See more about completing tasks here.

Neither type of notification task enforce scheduling decisions. For example, clicking "Deny" on an authorization task does not automatically unassign the location from an event. Similarly, it is not required for anyone to click "Approve" in order for a resource to be assigned in the first place. Notifications are purely informational and are used to leave a permanent record of approval or denial in an event's details.

Assignment Policy Note

If you wish to configure workflow which requires task approval before scheduling decisions can be made, set up Assignment Policy for locations and resources in Series25 Group Administration.

How To Set Up Notification Policy

Security Note

In order to set notification policy in 25Live, you need the following permissions:

  • Admin: 10.4 Set Location Notification Policy
  • Admin 11.3 Set Resource Notification Policy
  • Admin 13.3 Set Organization Notification Policy
  • Object Security permissions for the object you wish to edit

When editing inline details for a location, organization, or resource, look for the Notification Policy section in its details page. In Edit Mode, you can add contacts who will act on notification policy tasks.

  1. Choose the Approval Type for the notification task. You have two options:
    • By at least one - Notification tasks will be marked complete as soon as one user responds. Further responses are prevented.
    • By all - All users must respond individually in order for the task to be completed.
  2. Set an Approval Period for the task. When 25Live generates a notification task, this is how many days, hours, and minutes before it is due.
  3. Set any number of Contacts to approve the task. These users will see the notification in their task searches.
    • Search for a contact's name or email address.
    • Select the matching contact from the list.
    • Choose the type of task the user will receive: Notify Only or Approval Required. (See above for more details.)
    • Add other users as desired.
  4. Click Save to complete your configuration.
Mixing Notification Types

If you have multiple users who will receive notifications for a single object, CollegeNET typically recommends only using one notification type (Authorizations or FYIs). If you have users with different notification types on the same location (or organization, resource, etc) then they will be treated as separate tasks for purposes of Approval Type.

For example, if you select "By at least one" then a single user will complete all of the Authorization tasks for other users, but not users with an FYI task.