Non-Compliant Meeting Patterns Report

The Non-Compliant Meeting Patterns report in X25's Section Analytics displays all sections with meeting patterns that don't conform to a selected Standard Schedule.

This can help you zero in on sections that might need to be adjusted to match institutional policies on scheduling within standard time slots.

Non-compliant Meeting Patterns report.Image: Non-compliant Meeting Patterns report

The report table includes the following filtering/sorting options:

  • Standard Schedules - Applies report results to the selected schedule in the dropdown menu.
  • Aggregated by - Allows you to aggregate values by the criteria selected in the dropdown menu.
    • All
    • Subjects
    • Departments
    • Colleges
    • Campuses
    • Regions
    • Institutions
  • Choose Columns - Select which columns should be visible on the report

The report table includes the following columns, depending on the selection for Aggregated by:

  • Term Code
  • Institution Code
  • Region Code
  • Campus Code
  • College Code
  • Department Code
  • Non-Compliance Rate(%): The ratio of non-compliant sections in the group.
  • Subject Code: The subject where the section belongs in the catalog.
  • Course Number
  • Section Number: Identifying information for the section.
  • CRN: The course record number or unique identifier for the section.
  • Instructor(s): Names of instructors associated with the section.
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Days of the Week
  • Duration
  • Total Sections
  • Non Compliant Sections: The number of sections in the group whose meeting patterns don't match the selected Standard Schedule.
  • Non Compliance Rate