Multi-Section Courses Report

The Multi-Section Courses report in X25's Section Analytics displays all courses with more than one section. You can use this report to review the course offerings and make decisions about how many sections are necessary.

Multi-Section Courses report.Image: Multi-Section Courses report.

The report table includes the columns below. Click any row to expand it and see more information for individual sections:

  • Term
  • Institution Code
  • Region Code
  • Campus Code
  • College Code
  • Department Code
  • Subject Code: Appears in the section's name when imported to 25Live
  • Course Number: Appears in the section's name when imported to 25Live
  • Total Sections
  • Section Number: The number or code which identifies the section as part of the course
  • CRN:  The course record number or unique identifier of the section in your SIS
  • Instructor(s): All instructors assigned to the section
  • Meeting Pattern: Details on each of the section's meeting patterns
    • Start Time
    • End Time 
    • Days of Week
    • Duration (in minutes)