Maxed Out Courses Report

The Maxed Out Courses report in X25's Section Analytics displays the courses whose enrollment across all sections is above a threshold of your choosing. The default threshold is when the registered headcount reaches 97% of the expected headcount.

In this report, sections are grouped together according to their subject code and number. All courses start out expanded but can be collapsed by clicking on the blue header bar. 

Maxed out courses reportImage: Maxed Out Courses report.

The report table includes the following fields:

  • Subject Code: This field includes a + or - symbol in the header row to indicate that it can be expanded or collapsed.
    • When expanded, subsections are sorted by section number.
  • Course Number: All sections with the same course number are grouped together.
  • Number of Sections: A count of the sections in each group.
  • Section Number: The number which distinguishes a section from others in the same course offering.
  • CRN: The section's course record number which identifies it in your student information system.
  • RHC/EHC: The section's registered and expected headcount.
  • Instructor(s): The instructors listed in the SIS, if any.