Matching Series25 Fields with Publisher Fields

Which versions of Series25 components are you using?

These articles have been prepared for schools using 25Live Pro and 25Live Publisher. 


Which Series25 field names match with which Publisher field names?


The fields names between Series25 and Publisher do not always match. The following table shows the Series25 field in the first column and what that field is called in Publisher in the second column.

Key Concept

You must be the primary account user for your 25Live Publisher Implementation to manage the fields displayed in Publisher for events–to customize which fields appear for which event types (templates in Publisher) and in what order.  To learn more about managing custom fields, see the Publisher Overview articles.

Series25 Field NamePublisher Field Name
Event Name Event Name or Description
Event TitleEvent Title or Description
Event TypeEvent Template
Primary OrganizationOrganization
Additional Organization(s)Organization
Event StateEvent State
RequestorSubmitter Name
Event Times

Publisher shows Event Times in two separate fields for some spuds.

Start (includes Day, Month, Date, Year, Start Time)

Duration (event duration)

Event CommentsNotes
(Note:  This field only show the e-mail address that is on file in the Series25 contact record.)
Event DescriptionNotes
Custom AttributesEach Custom Attribute is set as an individual field in 25Live Publisher.


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