Manually Uploading a Course Data File

Manually uploading course data files can only be done for future evaluation terms.

1. Choose Terms and Sessions From the Configuration Menu

2. Select the Evaluation Term 

From the dropdown list, select the evaluation term you want to edit. Then click View.

3. Upload Course Data

  • Click the settings (gear icon) button

upload course data button in the settings dropdownImage: Upload Course Data in the dropdown term's settings.

  • Tap Upload Course Data

Type and File fieldsImage: Select an upload File and Type.

  • Choose the upload Type:
    • Initial Load: Select if this is the first upload of student, instructor, and course data
    • Student Reload: Will overwrite student data only
    • Full Reload: Will overwrite student, instructor, and course data
  • Choose a File:
    • Browse to and select the course data file you want to upload. 
    • Only XML and Flat Files containing full course information, or student reload files are currently supported.

Courses not included in the reloaded file will be deleted from the system upon reload. During the file upload, the system will provide a warning message alerting you that these courses are being deleted.

4. Tap Upload