Managing Schedule25 Optimizer Runs

Once you've created a new Schedule25 run, you can see it on the "Manage Runs" tab. (If you're an administrator, you can see runs from other users too. Limit the display to just your own runs by checking the box above the list.)Manage schedule25 optimizer runs tableImage: Details of the Manage Schedule25 Optimizer Runs page.

The columns in this view tell you the basic details of each run, including the location and event searches. The "last prepared" date indicates when the Prepare step was run. All of the Optimizer's calculations are based on the results of the event and location searches as of this date - so if anything has changed in 25Live or your SIS since the Optimizer was last prepared, you'll want to prepare again.

Each run has four actions you can take:

  • Start iconRun: Open the run so that you can prepare, optimize, and assign classes.
  • Edit iconEdit: Change the settings for this run.
  • Copy iconCopy: Create a new run with the same settings.
  • Delete icon Delete: Permanently remove this run from the list. (Accepted assignments are not affected.)