Managing Overlapping Optimizer Lists

It's completely fine to create Optimizer lists that overlap. For example, you might want to have two location lists: one containing all the classrooms in the Business Complex and another containing all classrooms with 50 or more seats. A large classroom in that building could be a member of both lists.

Conflicting Transformations

When lists overlap, all transformations from all the lists included in the run are applied unless they are contradictory, such as "increase class size by 10%" and "decrease class size by 15%." In cases where transformations are in conflict, the one applied is the transformation belonging to the first list in display order.

You can compare the conflicts between overlapping lists on the Transforms page.

Three lists of locations selected, displaying the number of locations contained within the overlap of each listImage: Three overlapping lists with contradictory transformations selected on the Transforms page.

Comparing Conflicts on Overlapping Lists

1. Navigate to Transforms

  • In X25 Analytics, select Transforms from the left sidebar under the Projects tab.

2. Select Lists to Transform

  • Use the List Mode drop-down to choose to manage event or location lists.
  • Select the lists you want to edit.

3. View Conflicts and Overlaps

  • The names of the lists will appear on the right side of the screen. If one list contains the same rooms/events as another, they are shown underneath.
    • The Overlap column shows the number of events/rooms shared by each list.
    • The Conflicting Transformations column shows any transformations which are contradictory.

Changing List Display Order

1. Select any Number of Lists, as Described Above

2. Move Items

  • Click Move Up or Move Down to move the selected lists higher or lower in display order.
  • Click Move Top or Move Bottom to send the selected lists to the very top or bottom of the display order.