Managing 25Live Event Registrations

25Live allows users within the application to register for events (See Registering for an Event in 25Live). Users with appropriate permissions can view, add, and edit registrants.

Security Note

To allow users to register for events, update the following permission for their security group(s) in Series25 Group Administration: Basic: 3.0 Register for an Event set to Yes.

Making Registration Available For an Event

Add the Custom Attribute to Your Event Type

  1. Navigate to System Settings → Master Definitions → Event Types →  List. Toggle Event Types to List View.
    Event Types ListImage: Event Types list.
  2. Select an Event Type from the list.
  3. Scroll down to Custom Attributes and click the Select Custom Attributes button to make modifications.
    List of custom attributes attached to an event type
    Image: Example Custom Attributes attached to an Event Type
  4. Select the Allow Registration custom attribute to add to your event type and press Done.
    Edit custom attributes window
    Image: Adding the Allow Registration attribute in the custom attributes window.
  5. Save your changes.

Create a Test Event

Custom attributeImage: Create a test event with the Allow Registration attribute set to Yes.

In order to ensure your setup is correct before letting users try to register for events, create a test event using one of the Event Types edited to include the registration custom attribute.

Be sure to set the Allow Registration custom attribute to Yes.

Go to the new event's details view to see that the Register link is visible.

Adding, Viewing, and Editing Registrants

In addition to allowing 25Live users to register for events within the application, you, as an administrator, can add users as event registrants.

1. Go to the Event Details Registration View

Tapping or clicking the name of any event will bring you to its details view. You can search for an event or look for it as part of your starred items on your home dashboard.

Registration linkImage: The Registration section link is in the main navigation of Event Details.

Use the Registration link to manage registrations.

2. Adding Registrants

Add Registrants to AllImage: The Add Registrant to All Occurrences section in the Registration view allows you to search for contacts.

Within the Add Registrant to All Occurrences section, use the Registrant search to find 25Live contacts. Select a Status from the dropdown, then the Add Registrant button will add the contact.

3. Viewing and Editing Registrants

All Registrants sectionImage: The All Registrants section contacts for all or for individual occurrences are listed.

View a list of registrants for all occurrences initially by default in the All Registrants section. They are listed with their name, email, and status.

Most displays in this section also feature a Filter in which you can type contact names or dates to narrow lists.

The title at the top of the right side will indicate if you're viewing and editing for all occurrences or for an individual occurrence.

Editing Status For Individual Registrants - All Registrants Section

You can edit the Status using the dropdown next to most listings. Use the Delete button to remove a registrant from all occurrences.

If the status is listed as "Varies," use the link to view and edit the Registration Status per occurrence. Then, save your changes using the Register button.

Editing Registrants Per Occurrence - Occurrence Registrants Section

Editing for individual occurrencesImage: Tap or click on the date link for any occurrence to change the display to Occurrence Registrants.

You also have the option to view all registrants for each occurrence using the listing of occurrences along the left side. Tap or click on the date of the occurrence to view details. The All Registrants section will change to an Occurrence Registrants section and only show the list for that occurrence. You can edit the Status using the dropdowns or Delete with the button.

Use the View All Dates button at the top-right of the view to return to the All Registrants display rather than viewing for the individual occurrence.

Contacting Registrants

When emailing registrants from 25Live, you can use one or more of the recipient shortcuts below in the To, CC, or BCC fields of your email:

Note: If you try to email one of the groups below and there are no users that belong to that group, you will receive the following error notification:

Email(s) failed: Unknown error

StatusRecipient Shortcut

Email all attendees of all statuses:


To target a specific registrant status use:

StatusRecipient Shortcut
Expressed Interest:


Wait List:
No Show:



Added attendees4 to the TO field when emailing will email all users that have a registration status of confirmedImage: This configuration will email all registrants who have their registration status set to Confirmed.

Event Registration Variables are Available in Document Management

If you're creating a report or agreement using 25Live Document Management, you can list attendees in the document using variables