Making an OAuth2 REST API Request via Postman for Eval25

GET Request

1. Install and Open Postman

2. Make the Following Configuration:

  • In Postman, enter the following to the right of the GET dropdown box:

Note: &accept=xml is optional. If ignored, a JSON result will be returned.
Postman configurations

  • From the Type dropdown box, select OAuth 2.0.
  • Click Get New Access Token. In the ensuing pop-up window, enter the following: 
FieldWhat to enter
Token Nameapi_token
Auth URL
Access Token URL
Client IDEnter the ID emailed to you from your Eval25 Administrator.
Client SecretEnter the secret or passcode/password emailed to you.
Scope (Optional)Leave this field blank.
Grant TypeSelect Client Credentials

Get new access token window 

  • Once complete, click Request Token.

3. Use the Token

  • Once the token is created, click the new token in the Existing Token panel.
  • Click Use Token in the panel to the right button to append the token to the request URL.
  • Click the Send button to the right of the GET request. 
    • The result of the GET request will be displayed on the bottom Postman panel.

Alternative Method

You can alternatively use two separate steps to get the token using the POST method, and then appending the token to the request URL to produce a GET request for the data.

To make a request using Curl commands:

  • Get access token.
curl --data "grant_type=client_credentials" --user "client_id:client_secret"
  • Endpoint request.
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer token_returned_from_step_1"