Making a "Null Change"

Sometimes when troubleshooting a LYNX issue you will be directed to make a "null change" in your student information system (SIS). The goal is to trigger an update from the SIS to LYNX in case any data was missed previously.

The phrase "null change" is a nod to the fact that you don't want to actually make any changes to your data; you just want to trick LYNX into updating. You can do this by making a small change and then immediately changing it back.

To Make a Null Change

  1. Edit any of the fields listed below in your SIS to ensure LYNX notices the section
  2. Make a manual import of an extract set containing the section to ensure that 25Live is updated

Fields That Trigger Updates

Make a change in your SIS to any of the following areas to trigger a full import of all a section's data. See our technical documentation for the exact names of the tables and columns. (Requires Customer Resources credentials.)

  • Triggers a full section update:
    • Section instructor
    • Meeting pattern
    • Cross-listed/combined sections
    • Partition preferences
    • Location requirements
    • Any other section information (except enrollment or credit hours)
  • Triggers a headcount update only:
    • Enrollment
    • Credit hours
  • Triggers an exam update:
    • Any exam information