Mailing list on Published Calendar Distribution List Fails to Send


Published Calendar is scheduled to send once a week to a mailing list, and it shows as having been sent, but no mailing list members receive the calendar by e-mail. 


This was caused by one or more members of the list unsubscribing to the list. The "unsubscribe" option shows at the bottom of the e-mailed calendar for each member, and indeed should show up. If one member unsubscribes, it will cause Publisher to unsubscribe the entire mailing list because it is a single address.

As a solution, do not use a single mailing list address in the Published calendar distribution list. Instead, please do one of the following:

1) Regularly send instructions to the mailing list on how to subscribe to the Calendar

Example Instructions

To subscribe to "weekly events “ go to this URL
Enter your e-mail address

2) Or, regularly copy the comma-delimited e-mail list into the Published calendar distribution list. Any user who unsubscribes will then only unsubscribe themselves.

Applications Affected:

25Live v 1.x

Platforms Affected:

Windows 2000/2003/2008, NT, XP