LYNX Settings - Locations

These settings can be found in the "Location" area of LYNX's Configuration - Settings area. 



Define Location Assignments

This setting is only available for Campus Solutions and LYNX Universal institutions.

It allows you to choose whether location names in 25Live match a facility ID in your SIS or are constructed using a combination of building and room codes.

Building Delimiter

When location names are constructed using building and room codes, this setting determines how those codes are separated. Note that building codes can be run through a Data Translation table. (Typically used to make them more readable in 25Live.)

Location Assignment Partial Availability

When LYNX imports a section that has location conflicts on some of its dates, it will handle the conflict in one of two ways:

  • Assign anyway - assign the location to as many dates as are available
  • Do not assign - don't assign the location to any dates, even ones that are available

Regardless of your choice, you will see a Warning-level import message.

Academic Priority

If Academic Priority is enabled, then LYNX will resolve conflicts by unassigning locations from non-academic events only. If a conflict is detected with another academic section, LYNX uses the behavior configured here.

Shared Locations

You can list any number of locations here as permanently shared, meaning LYNX will always treat them as allowed conflicts on import. This is commonly used for rooms labeled "TBA" or "OFF CAMPUS" where traditional concepts of double-booking don't apply.

An administrator may also mark a location as "always shared" on its details page for equivalent functionality for reservations originating in 25Live.

Include Location Preferences

If enabled, LYNX will add preassigned locations to events in 25Live as preferences in addition to making full assignments. This is useful in cases where unexpected conflicts prevent a location from being assigned, as the preference allows users to see the section's intended room.

Add Location Requirements as Event Categories

If enabled, LYNX will add SIS requirements to events in 25Live as categories (in addition to adding them as location features). This can make searches easier.

Define Location Requirements

This setting is only available for Colleague institutions. It allows you to choose whether SIS requirements are drawn from the Equipment or Room Characteristics table.

Note: After changing this setting, you must manually refresh the translation results on any translation table that converts location requirements to location features or event categories.

Remove SIS assignments on export?

When enabled, LYNX will remove rooms from meeting patterns in the SIS if the location is unassigned in 25Live. This change can occur up to one month after the location is removed from the section in 25Live.
Disabling this setting means that LYNX will only make assignments in the SIS, not remove them.