LYNX Settings - Exam Creation

These settings can be found in the "Exam Creation" area of LYNX's Configuration - Settings area.

This page is for creating exams in LYNX based on rule-based time blocks. Importing exams from your SIS? See LYNX Settings - Exam Import/Export.



Exam Creation Mode

LYNX will either create exams in 25Live as additional meeting pattern profiles (also called "segments") on the original event, or as separate events with their own reference numbers.

Use Default Exam Event Type or Exam Event Type Translation

If exams are created as independent events, this setting determines their event type. It operates similarly to the event type option in LYNX Settings - Events.

Exclude Meeting Pattern Types

Limit Exams for Multiple Meeting Patterns

Exclude Session Indicators

You can use these settings to prevent LYNX from creating undesired exams. You can limit exam creation based on meeting pattern type or session indicator. For sections with multiple meeting patterns, you can choose whether LYNX creates an exam for each meeting pattern or just the first/last one.

These options are only available for certain SIS types:

  • Banner: Exclude Meeting Pattern Types, Exclude Session Indicators
  • Colleague: Exclude Meeting Pattern Types, Limit Exams for Multiple Meeting Patterns
  • Universal: Exclude Meeting Pattern Types, Exclude Session Indicators, Limit Exams for Multiple Meeting Patterns

Define Exam HeadCount Information

This setting determines how LYNX sets the expected and registered headcount values on the exams. It can either use the same values as the original section, or it can use the section's registered headcount for both.

Adjust Exam HeadCount

This setting adjusts expected and registered headcounts by a specified multiplier, which can be between 1.0 and 5.0.

It is useful for privacy spacing or other circumstances when you might want to treat a class as though it requires more than one seat per student, such as social distancing measures. 

Location Assignment Options

You can instruct LYNX to use a section's location assignment for its exam as well. If you choose this option, then the location on the exam will automatically be updated if it is changed on the class.

Choosing not to set any locations on exams allows you to use the Schedule25 Optimizer to place them later.