LYNX Settings - Continuing Education

These settings can be found in the "Continuing Education" area of LYNX's Configuration - Settings area. 



Identify CE Sections

LYNX can flag events in 25Live using specific identifying markers, either a special event type or an event category. This is intended for use with continuing education sections.

Default CE Event Category

Default CE Event Type

Select either an event type or an event category to use in 25Live, depending on the selection chosen above.

If you choose an event type, it will be used instead of the default event type or any translation rules specified in LYNX Settings - Events.

If you choose a category, it will be used in addition to any other categories added to the event, without replacing anything.

Recognize CE Sections by Subject Code

Recognize CE Sections by Section Number

Recognize CE Sections by Term Code

Recognize CE Sections by Subterm Code

Recognize CE Sections by Academic Career

Recognize CE Sections by Credit Hours

These settings determine how LYNX knows which sections to identify with the event type or category chosen above.

Different schools use different methods to indicate their continuing education programs, so a variety of options are presented here. You will likely only need to configure one of them, but if you make more selections then a section will be recognized if it meets at least one of them.