LYNX Installation - Planning Your Implementation

Before you set out to implement LYNX, it's best to chart a course so you know where you're going. Follow these steps to ensure success.

Form an Implementation Team

Gather stakeholders from your institution who will be able to provide perspective and expertise throughout the process. Everyone should be on the same page with respect to the project's goals and each person's responsibilities.

Team members should include:

  • System Administrators
  • Database Administrators
  • SIS Experts
  • Network Administrators
  • Programmers
  • Project Manager

Review Technical Documentation

Connecting the LYNX Interface to your SIS requires an understanding of the data the Interface needs and how that data flows. Before starting this project, review the following articles, including the API or database integration articles about your specific SIS type.



LYNX Interface - Installation Overview

Provides an overview of the installation process, including the step you're on right now.

LYNX API Integration

(Remote-hosted SIS types only.) Specific instructions to configure your SIS and LYNX to communicate through an API.

LYNX Database Integration

(Locally hosted SIS types only.) Specific instructions to connect your SIS database to LYNX and install the LYNX-APP to communicate with Series25.

How LYNX Processes Data

Architecture diagrams and explanations of the LYNX data flow.

Series25 Technical Specifications

Includes database and server requirements for local LYNX installation.

LYNX Overview - FAQ

Answers frequently asked questions about LYNX installation and operation.

Schedule a Kick-off Call

Once your team is comfortable with the upcoming LYNX installation, it's time to put something on the calendar. Contact your Series25 Account Manager (AM) at, who will assign a technical support analyst as your CollegeNET technical point person.

The assigned technical analyst will reach out to schedule a kick-off call with your implementation team. The goal of this kick-off call is to review the LYNX deployment process, answer outstanding questions, and schedule the next steps.